Sunday, October 2, 2011

Natural Light

So many of my brides ask me what type of lighting is best for their wedding day when getting their makeup done.  There is no debate about this... NATURAL LIGHT is the only way to go.  As a professional, I can do my work in almost any environment but the most challenging part is getting the perfect lighting for the job.  Bathroom light is very yellow and washes people's complexion out.  Over a table lighting is difficult because it creates a shadow and does not give an even distribution of light.  Worst of all FLUORESCENT lights. They dull the complexion and change the tone to a drab and lifeless mess.  So for your wedding day set up your artist near a window with direct sunlight.  Even for your everyday makeup application, use natural light and I'm sure you will be very happy with the difference.

Friday, September 30, 2011

-          Making sure to laugh and relax on your wedding day

I find myself very fortunate to have worked with the brides I have.  More often than I can count I’ve worked with women that are just beaming on their special day and really take in the special moments.  Having worked with hundreds of bridal parties over the years I realize that the ones who are calm and laughing end up looking the best.   And after all, why not laugh and relax… YOU ARE THE BRIDE… nothing starts without you and everyone around you is there to support and take care of you.  

Also, you should not apologize for having demands on your special day.  You are organizing the biggest event in your life and it takes a lot of time and patience and diligence to do so.  So don’t think you are being a bridezilla for having demands.  In my opinion, what makes a bridezilla is the lack of laughter.  Take the day with ease and realize that the most important part of the day is that you are marrying the man that you love and you have your close friends and family there to help you. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Brides from 2011

Classic Beauty... need I say more?
I have had such beautiful brides I've worked with this season and I'd love to share some photos with my viewers.  My brides all had such unique styles that may be of great inspiration to those trying to capture their day of makeup looks.  Some of my brides are very classic and fresh looking, while others are dramatic and glamorous.  All are so beautiful in their own way.  The 2011 season is not over yet and I know I will have more great photos to show soon!
She was so fun to work with and I wanted to have that stand out in the makeup.  The purple smokey eyes were just the right touch!
1920's look is so fabulous!  I love it when a bride wants to do a red lip!
The magenta and silver colors really made her eyes pop!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rachna Mehta Wedding 7/10/2010

I sometimes have the pleasure of working with Indian brides on their special day. I love these wedding because there is so much opportunity as a makeup artist to really "come out of our shells."

The colorful and elaborate attire worn by the bride and all the attendants really allows me to showcase my work. I had so much fun doing Rachna's wedding. She had big beautiful eyes to work on and her gowns were so luxurious. My goal was to really make her eyes pop and to make her skin look flawless.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cold feet in the Makeup Artist’s Chair

Many of my clients have had nightmarish experiences with “counter” makeup artists at department stores. You have probably been there… coerced into a chair only to walk away with 10 items you didn’t need and a clownish application of makeup you sprint to the nearest bathroom to remove. I often have to reassure clients that I will not make them look like a drag queen and I am not there to sell them anything. This talk calms them down before I start the makeover, but I do not win them over until they see the finished results.

In my mind, being a good makeup artist does not just mean you can blend colors well or you know how to dramatically enhance facial features through technique. It also means that you really listen to what your clients want. I listen and focus on what type of look a client wants, whether it is for a wedding day or special event. I have had so many clients thank me for really taking the time out to make them feel comfortable with the whole process and delivering the desired results. I follow the motto that “makeup should only enhance your natural beauty – not overshadow it”.

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